An Examination Of Neo-Orthodoxy Part Two

Here is part two of “An Examination Of Neo-Orthodoxy.” Important Tenets Of Neo-Orthodoxy There are various important theological tenets of Neo-Orthodoxy.  The following paragraphs will discuss these tenets by focusing on positions held by three leaders of the Neo-Orthodox movement.  The first leader that will be focused on is Karl Barth. Karl Barth Karl Barth … [Continue Reading…]

An Examination Of Neo-Orthodoxy

Over the next three blog posts (the next two will be posted respectively on next Friday, and then the Friday after that), I’m going to give an overview of Neo-Orthodoxy.   Neo-Orthodoxy Neo-Orthodoxy was one of the largest theological movements to come about in the twentieth century.  There are various theological tenets that distinguish this … [Continue Reading…]

A Discussion On Irresistible Grace

I’m going to continue my trend today where I post something that was a part of a former discussion that I had with someone else a good while back.  A friend of mine and I had an email  dialogue regarding the concept of irresistible grace.  The following is a response that I gave to some questions that he was … [Continue Reading…]